The theatre is a political space.

It is a space where history, society, culture and ideology intersect and interact. We live at a time where we can no longer ignore the political, where we can no longer look away from the ridiculousness and oppressiveness of the systems we inhabit and take for granted.
In a world of global catastrophe, of large scale tragedy, of tidal waves of change across the world, it falls to us practitioners of live performance to redefine the relevance of the intimacy the theatrical space. To remind ourselves that oceans and waves are made up or individual drops of water.
We're kind of powerless, and we're kind of idiots, but... what the hell else are we gonna do?
Renegade Productions fully embraces the political heart of the theatrical and performative space; through using theatre and live performance as an agent of positive change. Through stories, through dialogue, through laughter, through image, through the gamut of modes in which performance can operate, we seek to create work that speaks. Work that affects. 
Work that changes.